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How to buy a WINBOOK laptop battery?

  • Part number of WINBOOK laptop battery, make and model of WINBOOK laptop

    Know your laptop name and model. We are sure you know the name of your laptop, eg. WINBOOK W300,WINBOOK W360,WINBOOK W340,WINBOOK Winbook W320 series,WINBOOK WINBOOK COMPUTER W300 (8050D).The model is a multi-component word that includes the line and actually model number.

    Essential to the purchase of your new laptop battery is the part number. A part number,eg. WINBOOK BP-8011,WINBOOK NBP8B01,WINBOOK EM-G220L2S,WINBOOK EM-G220L2S(V1.0),WINBOOK EMG220L2S,is a unique identifier that is assigned to a part to simplify referencing and to unambiguously define a part within a single manufacturer. The part number above all is what needs to be known before going to buy your battery.

  • Capacity of WINBOOK laptop battery

    Most laptop battery makers advertise their batteries power capacity in terms of 4400, 5200, 5600 or 5800 mAh. The basic idea is that 5800 mAh battery pack will allow your laptop to run longer than a battery with a 4400 mAh rating.The higher the capacity the more money you will spend, so if you need the longer runtime’s or you use applications that require more battery juice then buy the higher capacity.

  • Voltage of WINBOOK laptop battery

    Voltage measures the volume of electricity that is delivered to your laptop. Most laptop chargers are rated at 19 volts. The extra voltage a charger has over a battery is so the charger can simultaneously power the laptop and charge the battery (if they had the same voltage rating the charger would only have enough power to run the laptop).

    For laptop batteries the most common voltage measurements are: 7.2V, 9.6V, 10.8V, 11.1V, and 14.4V. Since you cannot choose the voltage measurement for your laptop go with whatever measurement is closest to your original battery. Remember nominal voltage allows for slight deviation from the original but you cannot use a 7.2V battery if it requires 14.4V. The best example would be a 10.8V battery could be used with an 11.1V battery.

  • Watt hours of WINBOOK laptop battery

    If the capacity of a Battery is defined in terms of Watt Hour, you will need to know the voltage of the battery and the current drawn to be able to calculate the life of a battery. Watt itself is defined as Ampere X Voltage. So if a 5 Volt battery has 20 Watt Hour rating, and, it draws 2 Amp current, then the Watt delivered by Battery = 10 Watts ( 5 Volts x 2 Ampere). The battery will last 2 hours. The calculator will calculate the battery life if the Watt Hour and the battery voltage is known. Here is the formula :Battery Life = Watt Hours / ( Voltage x Current in Ampere).

  • Number of of WINBOOK laptop battery Cells

    The number of cells is important since the more cells contained in the battery the higher the capacity will be. To determine the number of cells in your laptop battery you need to have some general idea of what cells are being used in your battery. The most common battery cell is the 18650 and is manufactured by LG, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic and many others. The 18650 is a 3.6V cylindrical Li-Ion cell. 18650 has no memory effect (distinguish between digital memory effect) and longer storage life than NiMH battery cells. 18650 is light weight and has a high energy density. It is in effect perfect for building batteries for laptop and other portable power device.

  • Retailer, Price and Warranty

    When choosing a retailer to buy a laptop battery from take into consideration the retailer’s reputation, the price, the warranty, and the return policy.The web site Warranty Policy:

    • We use only high quality parts that are equal to or better than the original.
    • Our prices are always lower than the brand names.
    • Repair or replace during the first 90 days.
    • Brand New.
    • 30 Days Money Back